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New Nissan Ariya at Fitzgerald Nissan Chambersburg in Chambersburg PA

Nissan sits on top of the chart regarding comfort and high performance. The lineup of Nissan sedans and SUV consists of high-end vehicles that come packed with state-of-the-art safety features. Over the years, Nissan has been adding to its lineup of electric vehicles. The new Nissan Ariya is a new model in the lineup available at Fitzgerald Nissan Chambersburg.

The new Nissan Ariya features the signature Nissan ProPilot 2.0 semi-autonomous driving system. It offers over 300 miles of driving range and comes equipped with a bigger 87-kWh battery. The new Nissan Ariya is offered in four distinct trim levels, namely:

  • Venture+
  • Evolve+
  • Premier
  • Platinum+

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The new Nissan Ariya offers an optional all-wheel drive (AWD) drivetrain that can be added on dual-front/rear electric motor configuration that utilizes the torque split technology. The all-wheel-drive Ariya achieves 0-60 mph in five seconds. This performance of the all-new Nissan Ariya beats its high-end electric rivals in the same class and price range. Nissan Ariya offers a quicker acceleration compared to typical electric vehicle powertrains.


Carlisle and Mechanicsburg drivers looking for a family-friendly vehicle that will accommodate the entire family and still carry a huge amount of cargo will appreciate the all-new Nissan Ariya. The elegant styling outside extends to the inside. This compact SUV provides a comfortable interior lined with premium material to offer a prestigious ambiance for both drivers and passengers.

The inside of the Ariya appears to be both futuristic and simple, with a dashboard that prioritizes a clean appearance to match the exterior design. The simple interior d├ęcor of the Nissan Ariya is the signature look and feel of this model and its trim levels. Nissan has blended its zero-gravity seats and a flat, low floor into the design to give the inside a more open and spacious feel.


Nissan takes safety seriously. Because of this, the new Nissan Ariya comes with a host of safety and driver-assistance features for the peace of mind of both the driver and the passengers. It features the ProPilot 2.0, semi-autonomous driving technology to assist the driver make an informed decision when driving in complex terrains or road conditions. Driving in the Chambersburg, PA is safer when using this mode because the vehicle will help identify the obstacles and on-coming traffic that the driver may not see easily. It also enables the driver to let go of the wheel in some instances.

Additionally, the new Nissan Ariya comes equipped with automated emergency braking and a pedestrian detection system. It also features a lane-departure warning and lane-keeping assist to help the driver stay on the right side of the road. Ariya also has adaptive cruise control to complement the semi-autonomous driving mode.


Nissan has improved its models to offer an even more exciting driving experience. It comes packed with advanced infotainment and connectivity technologies. Inside the cabin, the digital gauge cluster and the information display screen come with a 12.3-inch monitor that has been integrated.

It also features an in-dash navigation, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay that comes standard in all its trim levels. The unique high-tech feature of the Ariya is the ability to pre-heat or pre-cool the inside when it is parked or when charging; hence doesn't drain the battery power. All-new Nissan Ariya also utilizes the ProPilot's remote park to park the vehicle remotely. This is a new technology from Nissan.

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