There is already a lot of buzz generated by the Nissan Ariya. This SUV runs entirely on an electric powertrain, and it has many advanced components that can make it a pleasure to drive around Hanover.

You'll find the Ariya to be quite powerful. Some of its models can have up to 389 horsepower. You can have fun taking this SUV around town and pushing it on the highway. It has the capability to reach a speed of 60 miles per hour in only 4.8 seconds. If you think it would be a good idea to have enhanced traction in some situations, consider getting a model from Fitzgerald Nissan Chambersburg, with all-wheel drive.

With a full charge, the Nissan Ariya can travel up to 304 miles across Hagerstown to Carlisle and back, several times. This amount of range is excellent and lets you explore new areas. There are many locations in town and elsewhere where you could stop to charge your battery. It's also very convenient to charge your battery at home, if possible. The Ariya is compatible with 240-volt systems and 480-volt systems. It can even get plugged into a regular 120-volt outlet if you need a temporary solution.

Inside the cabin, you'll find many high-end features. A soft light will welcome you into the SUV, and you and your passengers can enjoy all the interior space that's provided. The power-sliding console can adjust according to your needs. Heated front-row and rear outboard seats are available, and so is front-row ventilation.

You'll be very pleased with how much space is offered by the Ariya to help your passengers enjoy the ride through Mechanicsburg. With the rear seat folded down, its maximum cargo capacity is just shy of 60 cubic feet. An available motion-activated liftgate can make it easier to access the cargo hold, and you can use the available cargo management system to stay organized.

If this sounds appealing to you, head to Chambersburg, PA to explore everything this exciting electric SUV has to offer drivers. Discover your favorite features in our all-new Nissan Ariya inventory.

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